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Understand how call cards statuses work

This article explains how to change the status of a call card, so that you can complete each stage of your transport.

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Each call card has several statuses, representing the stages of your transport. Each status change associates a time stamp with that step, giving you a complete history of the time taken to process your call card.

Change call card status

Locate the current status in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

  • To move to the next status, simply slide your finger to the right.
  • To return to the previous status, slide your finger to the left.

Call card statuses

When dispatch sends you a call card, the first step is to confirm receipt by sliding your finger to the right over the words Arrived - Pickup. Then, the usual transport-related statuses will begin in their respective order.

In total, you will see 6 statuses during your transport.

  1. Arrived - Pickup:  Once you've arrived at the pickup point (usually the hospital or residence parking lot), select this status.

  2. Depart with Patient - Pickup: As you leave the care department and head for your vehicle, confirm your departure with the patient by sliding to the right.

  3. Arrived - Destination:  When you arrive at your destination (usually the hospital or residence parking lot), swipe right to select this status.

  4. Patient dropped: When you leave the destination department to return to your vehicle, please indicate that the patient has been discharged.

  5. Call Completed: When you are ready to close your call card, indicate that your assignment is complete by swiping right to select this status.

  6. End of timestamps: When you've fully completed your call card, you'll see the label indicating the end of timestamps.

Complete assignment When you have completed the call and the message "End of timestamp" is displayed, all you have to do is go to the additional options menu (3 small dots) and press Complete assignment. If necessary, you can refer to the corresponding section in this help article.